History of Dice

The first dice players date back to the Roman Empire according to various researchers. In fact, some of the Roman players, such as the emperors, tried to cheat with the dice games they played. The first cube-shaped die was created in 600 BC. C. There are also stories about Indian individuals who play dice and lose or win a fortune. Asia has always been into dice games. Knuckle bones were some of the past options for dice. The arrows, stones, bones and sticks were thrown by fortune tellers during BC It was as a way of betting and telling what may come for the tribes in that year. Shaman also used dice for these purposes. The fact is that dice have been around for a long time, and so have some games for which dice were used. While the dice we generally think of today are cubed with 6 numbers, there have been several other types. Wood, bones, animal teeth, walnut shells, and horns were used to make the dice. Ivory was for a long time a material that would shape cubic dice. Now we use something called hard cellulose in casinos. Craps is not one of those games that is known to have existed during the BC era. In fact, its origins are long before that. Craps or a form of craps according to some scholars is Sic Bo. Sic Bo has three dice and it is an ancient Chinese game. It has some of the same types of bets with different names, but the rules vary widely. Most scholars believe that Craps started a hundred years ago. This game started in England under the name Hazard. Other scholars have found evidence that Hazard began much earlier, in fact around the 12th century. There are several well-known Europeans who played this game. The Mayflower is believed to have brought the game to America as Hazard.

The French also brought the game back in the 19th century, perhaps in the late 18th century. The French, on the other hand, called it Craps instead of Hazard. Different rules and tables have been created for the game over the years, but casinos still play the most popular table version. In the first versions you could only bet against the house. Winin created the rules with the correct and incorrect bet. It also changed the table format for a Don’t Pass bet. This is the game that we have learned to play in the last 70 years, as it was placed in casinos around 1931. Since then it has become very popular in other countries outside of North America.

Craps have always tried to beat the house with several different strategy systems and much more. The fact is, the game of craps has changed little over time, with the exception of adding things like a progressive jackpot in some casinos.

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