buy prednisone 20mg tablets Who we are?
Acharya Labs is a dedicated team of engineers organizing workshops, seminars and conducting research in the field of Robotics, Embedded systems and Automation. We provide students and tech enthusiast a platform to experiment with ideas and connect with world recognized institutions and scientists to make things happen.
Jerusalem What we do?
We Acharya labs work to motivate students to their creativity & desire through the push of knowledge in the right direction, we are here to make them more curious for life world and universe simply with what how and why we believe is more you ask more you search more you search more you explore and our experience and studies say you remember more what you have explored then what u have got without questioning and Play is the cornerstone of creative learning that involves collaborative, experiential and trial & error learning in teamwork!
Engaging, Hands-on activities form the core of the program of Acharya labs that allows children to plan, investigate and implement their ideas. Robotics is an extra-curricular activity which combines practical and theoretical knowledge and instills in students out of the box thinking to everyday applications. They develop scientific inquiry and essential life skills as they learn on their journey of discovery. Aha! Moments are aplenty.
Acharya labs provide science to applied science expertise for school children of all age group. We help children understand the concepts of their core subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and  Computer through practical life examples.
The interactions with students are divided into structured classes to provide the children essential skillsets like leadership, creativity, innovativeness, analytical & problem-solving, self-learning, teamwork, and Communication skills.
Mechanics, electronics, circuit development, algorithm making, programming, and other computational skills develop while learning with acharya labs.